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 1. Are the Inflatable Bouncers safe?

Absolutely! As long as all the rules outlined on the operating procedures page of your rental contract are followed, and the unit is supervised at all times, they are very safe.

2. When is payment due? If a deposit is made, the remaining payment is due at the time of delivery. The delivery person will set-up, provide you with a copy of the safety rules, review the rules with you, and then collect any out-standing payment. We accept Cash, or Credit/Debit Cards.

3. What time do you deliver and pick-up the bounce house? It varies depending on how many bouncers we have to setup on a particular day. Typically we start around 8 AM to begin deliveries and setups. You will be notified with a 30 – 45 minute setup window as you will have to be at the delivery location at time of setup. If time is crucial for you, let us know.

NOTE: Under special circumstances, when delivering to outlying areas, we could start as early as 6 or 7 AM for setup and pickup as late as 10 or 11 PM. You would be notified.

4. What kind of power is required? You are expected to supply an electrical outlet. Our bounce houses plug into a standard 110 household outlet. We will supply the cord, and we ask that nothing else be plugged into the outlet we are utilizing. Be sure to test outdoor outlets as they are likely to go bad, and if you don’t use them often, you may not be aware that they don’t work until time for setup. Placement of the bounce house should be no more than 50ft from that outlet. If you would like to set up a bounce house at a park or place without an electrical outlet within 50ft, let us know and we can arrange to use a generator for an additional charge.

5. What type of surface can the bounce house be placed on? The safest surface is a level grassy area. However, we can set up on concrete, asphalt, or bark. Please specify when ordering which surface we will be setting up on and we will make sure we utilize the proper anchors for your event.

6. What is your cancellation policy? If you have reserved your unit with a deposit then you have until 7 days before the event to cancel without a penalty. If for some reason you cancel between 7 days and 24 hours before the event then your deposit will be used as a deposit for a future rental. If you cancel within 24 hours of the event no refund will be given.

7. When should I reserve a bounce house? Popular bounces book up 1-2 months in advance. The earlier you book, the more choices you have to choose from. If bounce houses are available, we are able to take next day reservations.

8. Can I have my party at a park? Yes. Bounce houses are great for parks. Some parks require that you have reservations in order to have a bounce house at the park. Contact the park district for requirements. Also check to see if electricity will be available, if not we can arrange for a generator for an additional charge. We will also need to know the time that you plan on ending your party so that we can arrange to pick up the inflatable immediately after. This assures that you don’t need to worry about it after you have left.

9. What is your weather policy? Our customers’ safety is our main concern. PC Bounces Houses cannot be used during rain, thunderstorm or high winds. We reserve the right to cancel due to rain or high winds. If we cancel due to weather then a full deposit will be refunded. If there is overcast in the morning we will call prior to leaving and ask you if the party is still a go. If you say “yes” then we will come out and set up. No refunds will be made post set-up.

10. What if it rains? In the event of rain, you can quickly towel-dry the bounce house and start bouncing again. We do not refund after delivery if it rains but we will confirm on delivery day if the forecast looks is a concern.

11. Are you insured? Absolutely! PC Bounce Houses carry full liability insurance on our inventory; in the event of injury due to PC Bounce Houses gross negligence or malfunction of our equipment. This statement in no way implies legal responsibility. YOU are still responsible for the safety of the children while in the inflatable is in use. Please read your rental agreement. Customers are required to sign our contract that includes a waiver of liability.

12. SHOPPING AROUND? Here’s what you need to know before you select a company!

If you are looking at renting an inflatable there are a few things you need to ask before you select a company.

13. Is the company insured? Any responsible businesses should carry insurance, especially bounce rental businesses! YES, PC Bounce Houses IS INSURED!

14. Does the company set-up the equipment and train you on the proper operation and supervision? Saving a few dollars by picking up the inflatable yourself may seem like a good idea, but consider how you will load/unload and transport a unit that weighs in excess of 280 – 350 pounds! Will you be able to set the unit up and ensure the unit is operated safely? Will you also be able to deliver the unit in the same way your received it? You will find that professional delivery, set-up, training and removal is extremely valuable when you are busy with the more time consuming details of hosting a party.

15. How clean are your inflatables? Ask how often the units are cleaned! An inflatable should be vacuumed out and completely wiped out with a clean/disinfectant after every rental. Your guests deserves a clean and sanitized bounce house and exactly what we deliver



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